Blessed are the Cubs



Is God a Cubs fan?

He sure is!

Psalm 23: “The Lord is my Pitcher; I shall not worry. He makes the Cubs to win in Wrigley Field; he leads me beside the still waters of Lake Michigan. He restores the World Series to Chicago.”  

The New Testament: “Blessed are the Cubs for they shall win the World Series.” 

May the odds be ever in the Cubs’ favor! Good luck!🙂

Kiss Her…

I have a busy weekend/week up ahead so won’t have a chance to do a recipe post as usual. Social media is full of drama and controversy now but, once in a while something beautiful appears in the feed that makes you stop and get submerged into a deep daydreaming state.

Get lost with me in a raw beauty of these words, will you?!


And, if she says “4”, kiss her all over again…


Say “Boo”


Have you had a chance to check out my recipe of the “RIP Diet” cupcakes yet? Well, The Daily Meal has! They snatched it for the Halloween treats article. Head over to TDM to see other contributions from my fellow CCN bloggers.

And, you still have time left to make my cupcakes of course, you won’t regret it!