Gratitude – Day 21


3 things I’m grateful for today:


-  Breakfast: Apple and a Plum Bake with Pecans-Coconut Crumble and Chocolate Drizzle. Both healthy and delicious.




-  Lunch: Avocado Tuna Salad on Paleo Pumpkin, Flax and Seeds Bread.




The bread doesn’t have an overwhelming pumpkin taste but rather just a hint so it’s a great option for either breakfast or lunch.




-  Dinner: Chicken Drumsticks with Pineapple Teriyaki Glaze and Ginger Slaw. A nice combo of sweetness and spice.





Do you feel sad yet that you don’t live with me? :)

It’s OK, if you do knock on my door, I’ll let you in and feed you.

If you’re actually useful to be around, I’ll keep you longer :)

“Lemonade” Party





In my life I’ve gotten plenty of lemons, have squeezed a fair share of lemonade (served in silver lining glasses), but I now prefer a “stiff one”, it is so much better when dealing with life blunders and disappointment.

I have both lemons and vodka, I’m self-sufficient like that, bitches!

Now let’s have a party!

The one where dessert is served of course. What’s a party without one anyway?! Today’s recipe is definitely indulgent but nothing I can say “it’s not good for you”. If you ask me, what’s good and what’s not, don’t expect me to say no sugar and no fat is good. I say, if it’s natural, and everything is used in moderation, go for it, enjoy! If you’re curious about my food philosophy, head over to my Healthy Living page.

It’s actually not that complicated:

eat food and not chemicals,

if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it,

healthy fats over no fats,

natural sugar sources over sugar substitutes,

dinner size plates are considered serving platters in Europe so I use them when guests come and stick to salad plates on a regular day, that’s your serving, trust me, you don’t need more,

when you truly crave something, have it, don’t substitute with some low fat or low sugar version, you won’t kill the craving but will end up consuming way more calories than anticipated,

and just enjoy the food, no guilt trips, no regrets, eating should be an enjoyable experience, use common sense, and nourish both body and soul!

By the way, I’m only about 12 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight in my 20s. I call them my “life lemons and wisdom” pounds. I just redistributed them to make the curves where a woman in her 40s is supposed to have body curves as not to look like a 20 year-old boy. Or maybe those are chocolate and avocado pounds?! Maybe, but who is watching it really?!

So cake with butter, white chocolate and liquor? Oh, absolutely! With a “stiff one” on a side. Vodka that is :)



What’s Cooking This Week

Today’s recipe is surely decadent in sound and taste, but unless you intend on eating the whole cake (and you may actually want to, it’s that good), I think you will be fine with a slice or two. It’s flourless and is therefore naturally gluten free. White chocolate inside is actually there as a binding and creamy ingredient, you won’t taste it once the cake is baked. It’s also not very “lemony” so if you want an extra tart punch, do like I did and garnish with some cut lemon slices. The cake does call for a few extra steps to make it, but it’s totally worth it, and it’s otherwise fuss free and straightforward. It will fill your kitchen with a divine lemon smell so have your vodka ready because people will be knocking on your door to join the party.

Torta Caprese Bianca 

(Italian Lemon Cake)


3 1/3 cups of almond flour

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of white chocolate chips

3 medium lemons, zest of

4 eggs, separated

2 Tbsps of milk or cream

3 Tbsps of Limoncello

1 1/2 sticks of butter

1 tsp of lemon extract

powdered sugar and lemon to garnish


First you need to separate and have all different ingredients ready in separate bowls. Zest the lemons, separate eggs, measure the flour and sugar, then pour milk or cream over chocolate chips and melt them together then set aside to cool off.


Beat together butter and about 3/4 cup of sugar till fluffy. Then add lemon zest and egg yolks and beat again. Add limoncello and melted white chocolate, beat again. Mix in almond flour and beat some more.


In a separate bowl beat egg whites until soft peaks appear (make sure the beaters are completely clean and dry), then add the rest of the sugar and beat until it’s stiff. Then gradually fold in egg whites into prepared batter.


Lightly butter or oil a deep cake pan, spring form pan works the best here, and pour the batter in. The cake will puff up a lot while baking therefore make sure you have enough room in the pan. It will deflate a bit though while cooling off.


Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350F degrees for about 40-45 minutes. Wait until the cake is fully cooled off before removing it from the pan. Garnish it with lemon and powdered sugar. It could be kept either on a counter or in the fridge, the latter option will give you a bit firmer cake, both versions are still very tasty.

Now where is my vodka?! :)



Gratitude – Day 20






3 things I’m grateful for today:


-  Matzoballs and Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup with Ginger and Peas (matzo is gluten free of course), that’s what’s for lunch today. Non-traditional? You bet. High Holidays are coming up next week, but I’m from a mixed family so trying to satisfy all sides. Plus if you still expect anything orthodox coming out of my kitchen, or my mouth, you’ve joined the wrong blog.

-  Still trying to kill the migraine, but I’m up and cooking, so I guess I’m not exactly dying yet…

-  I don’t have anything major planned this weekend, which is actually just like I want it, so I’ll try to have some “broccoli” time: lay on a couch like a veggie and do nothing.

Gratitude – Day 19





3 things I’m grateful for today:

-  Day 25435686 of one relentless migraine, not a happy camper, but still have some strength to write.

-  I just sent the kid and his friend to get sushi. Sending two “pick up” boys to get the food rather than ordering in gives me 30 minutes of quiet time without a load of teen testosterone around.

-  It’s Friday, it just helps with everything… Hopefully with migraine too.

Gratitude – Day 18






3 things I’m grateful for today, or rather 3 people and their birthdays:


-  Happy birthday to a dear friend who is a true visionary! You are definitely a go-getter, but you are also a dreamer. You’re changing the world one technology beat at a time, but all your ideas first start in your heart. Your hard work and dedication will pay off in all the innovations you inspired and all the young people that you’ve mentored and opened the roads for to create a legacy far beyond your lifetime. So march on, future society relies on you! :)

-  Happy birthday to my close friend’s daughter Marina! You’re surely the apple of your mother’s eye! She is so proud of you, and she will stand behind you in everything that you will ever choose. You will always be her sweet baby, her sunshine and the very air she breathes even though you’re now a grown woman yourself. Have a great year ahead, new opportunities and roads being opened for you!

-  Happy birthday to Sergei, one of my former boyfriends back to when I was barely out of my teens! I’m so happy that we are still in contact despite being decades and literary an ocean apart. The foundation of our relationship was friendship, and that’s exactly what helped to sustain the connection through the years. We are having a virtual across-the-ocean drink together!

Happy happy joy joy – happy birthday to 3 very dear people!

Gratitude – Day 17






3 things I’m grateful for today:


-  Sometimes providing therapy comes with a chuckle: one of my clients said to her husband “my therapist is so much better than your therapist”. Apparently, in some imaginary therapists battle – I won! And this is New York, everybody’s in therapy.

-  Like literary everybody. Half of my department at work are in therapy too. Providing mental health services comes with a cost! And again, this is New York… We are all neurotic. Why am I not in therapy?! I must be in denial.

-  I much better prefer natural non-verbal interventions, like alcohol, chocolate, or sex (all three combined in one day is even better!). I’m most definitely in denial!