Long Time No Talk To

Hello dear readers! Long time no talk to indeed.

I’ve been silent for many months, since the summer actually. The last post I remember writing was right after I sent my son off to college. He’s doing well by the way, found a nice social circle among his dorm friends, but the course load is intense, all math and science, so there’s some moaning and complaining going on. Though this “engineering genius” has not figured out yet that I can track his late night whereabouts by the debit card transactions! I say “it’s mom sense, I always know” – let him be a little paranoid and look over his shoulder.

As for me, a lot has happened over the past year, some good and some bad…

I had to disconnect and just deal with what was put in front of me. I did cook and bake of course over all these months, I even took some pictures that I’ll show off in the future posts, but I had to let the blog go on hiatus despite the fact that I missed writing.

I did come out of my hiding a couple of times though, when I felt it was important to do a post, to send a virtual shoutout and a cake for a special birthday in September, and then again, during the holidays, to say a prayer at the time that may hold some painful memories along with all the family celebrations. They say “those who truly need to hear the words of cheer or comfort, will find them no matter what” – I hope my words of both birthday wishes and encouragement did reach the people  who were seeking them the most.

So I have to put all my whines (and some cheese) on paper (or the screen) and write a “whine and cheese” post, or rather separate them and just whine about all the things I didn’t want to bore you with before (and then throw in some cheese bits in another post).

But in a nutshell, my heart is broken…

As in, literally…

As in, the tick-tock motion is not working properly…

So if I get silent again, and some strange things start happening in your home, it’s possible I’ve gone to Heaven and come back to haunt and mess with you. In that case, stop and say hello. Some of you are definitely on my list of people to haunt.


You are Loved


A gardener will water the flower every day whether or not the flower knows where the water is coming from or is even aware there’s liquid available- the flower just absorbs it and lives on.

Your every breath is sustained by a loving energy even if you’re not aware it’s out there. Just know that you are very much loved – and live on.